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A press release from the Office of the Speaker of the National Assembly stated that Miss Trevlyn Stapleton has been appointed Clerk of the National Assembly.

“It is hereby notified that in accordance with section 35 of the Constitution of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Miss Trevlyn Stapleton has been appointed to the position of Clerk of the National Assembly. Section 35 of the Constitution stipulates that there shall be a Clerk of the National Assembly and also requires that the position be a public office. The appointment was made with effect from January 01, 2022,” stated the press release.

“Before being appointed as Clerk, Miss Stapleton, who holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Monroe College, New York – served as Deputy Clerk of the Assembly for just over two years and also as an Assistant Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister for the past three years,” the press release added.

“On behalf of the entire Membership and staff of Parliament, heartiest congratulations are extended to Miss Stapleton,” said Hon. Michael Perkins, Speaker of the National Assembly.

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