Viral Video of Caucasian Woman Attempting To Stop Students From Training Creates Outrage

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An altercation on Saturday involving a Caucasian Woman has created outrage on the local scene: A group of children from the St. Thomas’ Primary School were interrupted during their training session on the beach in Cotton Ground.

Uploaded footage shows the ‘Caucasian Woman’ on her phone, onlookers claimed that the woman was calling the police.

After not getting any satisfaction, she then in protest, lay herself on the sand to prevent the children from running in the area. However, this did not deter the children.

The entire incident was caught on camera and has been widely circulated on social media and Whatsapp. The story was also shared by The Irish Sun.

According to Media reports and a statement by Prier Brantley, the woman has since apologised for her conduct. The woman’s husband is planning to make a donation to the school that the children attend. 

The Ministry of Education will launch an investigation and a further report on the incident should be forthcoming.

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