Thank You Jason, Thank you Amya

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Team SKN PULSE would like to congratulate Olympians, Jason Rogers & Amya Clarke on their journey in Tokyo.

They performed at their best despite circumstances. Clarke and Rogers competed in the women’s and men’s 100m events respectively during the period July 30 to August 01.

Three-time Olympian and Semifinalist Rogers qualified for the 100m semifinals with a time of 10.21 seconds. He participated in the men’s 100m semifinals with a time of 10.12 seconds. In April of this year, Rogers ran a personal best of 10.01 seconds in April to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Clarke earned a spot in the top three for the female 100m preliminaries where she moved on to the following round of heats as she clocked 11.67 seconds.

For us, acquiring the title “OLY” is an appropriate term defining their talent, work ethic and sacrifice. Being on the World’s largest stage, “The Olympic Games” not only brings exposure but it inspires youths to believe in their dreams.

We are Proud – Thank You!!!

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