It’s Not Working: Unity Leaders Can’t See Eye To Eye

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The second meeting involving leaders of the Tripartite Unity Movement held on Thursday (April 14) did not bear fruit.

In an address to the nation following Thursday’s meeting, Richards expressed his disappointment in the actions taken by Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris to address several issues related to government business.

Richards said:

When we met at the first meeting, PAM and CCM made their positions clear on several issues, and we thought that it was both fair and reasonable to give some time to the Prime Minister to consider the matters and to report back to us today. However, while there was some minor progress on a few issues, it was not what the country needed for an urgent resolution. Unfortunately, the gulf between what is required to save the partnership and the preferences of the Prime Minister remains large and troubling.

Deputy PM – Shawn Richards

Richards indicated that he is turning inward to the members of the People’s Action Movement for input and support.

I have to report that there is no meaningful platform on which we can build within the present system, and with original promises of good governance broken, our faith and trust continue to be diminished; we continue to search even as we speak for the true prospects of real unity. I have decided, as leader of PAM, to meet immediately with my caucus in an emergency session. I will duly report to them in detail about what transpired today and seek input on all the issues.

Deputy PM – Shawn Richards

While Brantley and Richards laid out their roadmap for a resolution, which included the the reassignment of portfolios, the Prime Minister stated in his national address, that he could not allow the constitutional prerogative of the Office of the Prime Minister to be diminished.

Both the leaders of PAM and CCM presented reasonable proposals that we felt would have adequately addressed important issues of national interests, such as good governance transparency and accountability. But it turned out to be a bridge too wide for the Prime Minister to cross. We still could not see eye to eye on the decisive steps that are needed to ensure that repairs are undertaken to address the broken-down trust.

Deputy PM – Shawn Richards
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