Antigua passes New bill: applying makeup or texting while driving prohibited under new law

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A new bill has been passed in the Lower House of Parliament that will make it an offense to text and drive or apply make-up while driving.

This latest amendment to the Vehicles and Road Traffic Act came yesterday, (Thursday 13th September) and outlaws holding and using a hand-held mobile device when driving.

The bill however, must be approved by the Senate and gazetted before the amendment takes effect.

According to the learned Attorney General – Steadroy Benjamin, all across the country you will notice persons “driving with telephones being held in their hands; in the air with one hand steering”.

The police are concerned that many traffic collisions are caused by distracted drivers,” Benjamin said.

In addition, once the The new bill takes effect officers will be able to use breathalyzer tests to determine if someone was driving under the influence of alcohol.

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