Anguilla: Duty and Tax Removed From Select Essential Food For Six Months

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The Government of Anguilla has removed duty and tax on a selection of essential food items for the period of six months in the first instance.

The list of essential food items include: Rice, Brown & White Sugar, Flour, Chicken, Milk, Fresh or Chilled Vegetables, Canned Vegetables, Fresh or Chilled Fruits, Fish, Eggs and Bread.

The general public was informed of the relief via a press statement from the Ministry of Finance.

Government recognises Anguilla’s economy is heavily dependent on food imports and therefore, Anguilla is highly exposed to the volatility of global activity. External factors continue to increase the prices of these items in global markets and this negatively impacts the cost of such items in Anguilla. The Government is keen to combat these inflationary effects and is committed to ensuring that all efforts to keep our business community viable and the consumers protected will be explored. The removal of Import Customs Duty, Customs Administrative Cost and Interim Goods Tax on essential food items is a welcomed measure of relief by all.

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