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Caption: Coach of the Senior Women’s National Team Samuel Phipps in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Senior Women’s National Team Coach Samuel Phipps is currently in Trinidad and Tobago as part of an A license training, organized by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA). Mr. Phipps, spoke about the training and what it entails. “This course is going to be held at the UTT campus where we’re going to do the classroom work and the fieldwork will be done here at the Ato Boldon stadium,” he disclosed. 

He explained that some of the areas of the training will focus a lot on how to analyse teams. 

He said this training will be an upgrade from the B license coaches course. “(We will do) a lot of analysis and trends of teams. So, it’s a step up from the B (license) where you could analyze teams and see how many goals are scored from crosses;how many goals are scored from cut backs. And just the fine details of coaching that the top coaches use,” Phipps said. 

Coach Phipps conceded that the training will help improve his coaching skills to improve the respective teams he trains. “It’s going to help me personally, and it’s going to help me to bring more results for my teams, because some of the things that we used to bypass as coaches, we were going to be equipped to (finetune) that and to bring better results.”

He added: For instance, with the B license, yes, it’s very detail-oriented, but some of the stuff that we’re going to go through with the A license, I think is going to help us tremendously in terms of analyzing teams better so that when we come up against them, we could get better results.” The training ends on January 10. 



Caption: Coach of the Senior Women’s National Team Samuel Phipps in Trinidad and Tobago. 

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