WhatsApp: Updates to Polls

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One week ago, WhatsApp introduced three new updates for polls to help groups gather information and make decisions together.

WhatsApp Users can now Create Single-Vote Polls, Search for Polls in their Chats and Stay Updated on Poll Results.

The Single-Vote Polls is a must when you need a definitive answer. According to WhatsApp, they introduced this option for poll creators to allow people to vote only once.

Note: Simply turn off the allow multiple answers option when creating a poll.

“It’s not always possible to answer a poll immediately, and it can be difficult to find a poll within the chat at a later time.”

Now, users can filter messages by polls, just like you can for photos, videos or links. On the Chats screen, press Search and then Polls to find a list of all results.

Users will receive notifications when people vote on their polls, and will be shown how many people have voted in total. This makes it easier to keep up to date on responses.

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