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Credit: Dr. Denzil Douglas

It is with speechless sorrow and sudden shock that I must now find the words to pay tribute to my colleague, comrade, brother and friend, Anthony Johnson. Healing condolences go out to the family especially Shabazz and Winston, his Associates and Staff members during these difficult times. Anthony holds an unforgettable place in the marvelous story of Servant leadership, National football & Entertainment and Legal representation. He deserves a million thanks for the extraordinary contributions he made to our lovely Federation.

Attorney Johnson easily qualified as a noble stalwart with the heart of a Servant-leader. He was willing and ready to serve at the National party and community arenas. Whether we were in Government or in Opposition, Anthony never wavered in replying to the call of the Labour Party. When the Federal Government pursued its mandate to review the Constituency Boundaries, Anthony rose to the occasion and Chaired the Constituency Boundaries Commission for the 2010 Elections.

Part of the enduring Party legacy established by Sir Lee Llewellyn Moore was not only embodied by the built infrastructure of the High Court Building named after him, but he was responsible for training, pioneering and focussing fertile legal minds like Anthony Johnson and Patricia Dublin upon their return to St. Kitts and Nevis to practise the Law. Later, both lawyers went on jointly to create their own Law firm Dublin & Johnson. But Anthony’s legal ambition was intense. He expanded and consolidated the Legal services he provided and in a short time he eventually distinguished himself as one of the largest Service providers of the Citizenship by Investment Program through the ownership of his company, Johnson & Associates.

Comrade Johnson was one of the masterminds behind MP Hon Dr. Geoffrey Hanley’s victory at the polls in 202O.
Our Comrade will forever be remembered for sustaining our Federation on the International Football stage. Mr. Johnson served as a three time undefeated President of the St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association as our young talented and skilled SugarBoyz advanced from Amateur football to Professional football players.

As my Brother and Friend, Anthony was gentle, bold, caring, kind, understanding, fair-minded, principled, and respectful. He became a wonderful role model of compelling competence and compassion to young Sport enthusiasts, Lawyers and Revellers in International Entertainment.

I will miss him greatly.

Let us honour the moments when he blessed so many of us with his generous spirit. Let us also celebrate his life and weep over his passing with the firm assurance that he will rise in eternal bliss, and rest in God’s glorious peace!

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