Tenth Annual Conference of the Commonwealth Caribbean Association of Integrity Commissions and Anti-Corruption Bodies (CCAICACB) successfully held in Nassau, The Bahamas

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Charlestown, Nevis (21st June 2024) – The 10th Annual CCAICACB Conference was convened at the Warwick Paradise Island All-Inclusive Resort in Nassau, The Bahamas from 10th to 13th June 2024. The conference was held under the theme “Best Practices for implementing Integrity and Anti-Corruption Laws in the Caribbean in the age of Artificial Intelligence.”

Key presentations were made mainly by members who are subject matter experts in carrying out regional integrity, anti-corruption and security work, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and information sharing and the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on tackling corruption. 

Chairperson Lady A. Anande Trotman Joseph encouraged members to: “Collectively advocate and lobby regional governments for allocations of adequate budgetary support and resources by regional administrations to enable the full establishment of anti-corruption systems to effectively fight corruption; in tandem with enactments, and implementation of laws, policies, and international best practices and benchmarks.” 

Members and delegates resolved to return to their member states enthused to advocate for effectively tackling corruption, promoting interagency collaboration, networking, and gaining an understanding of the role of artificial intelligence in their work.

The Integrity Commission (Nevis) was represented by Mr. Ricaldo V. Caines, Chairman & Deputy Chairperson, CCAICACB and Commissioners Diana Claxton-Whittaker and George S. Newton.

The week culminated with the Association’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 13th June 2024. The Integrity Commission (Nevis) extends appreciation to Ms. Ercia Blake, Office Manager and Secretary to the Commission, and Secretary of the CCAICACB for her meticulous planning and execution of a successful conference in The Bahamas. Ms. Blake attended the conference in her capacity as the Secretary of the CCAICACB.

Furthermore, the Commission wishes to inform the general public of their endorsement and adoption of several resolutions outlined in the conference communiqué.

a. Continue to lobby the Caribbean Governments for sufficient budgetary support for Integrity Commissions and Anti-Corruption Bodies in the region for their effective operationalisation;

b. Call upon Caribbean Anti-Corruption stakeholders to ensurethe implementation of anti-corruption benchmarks and standards;

c. Pursue and foster strong in-country and regional inter-agency collaboration in programmes, knowledge, information and sharing of best practices among CCAICACB members;

d. Encourage Caribbean countries to align integrity and anti-corruption legislative reforms with international best practices;

e. Call on Integrity Commissions and Anti-corruption Bodies to focus more on corruption prevention by being proactive.

f. Guide Member organisations to build capacities in compliance processes, review of asset declarations, complaints, and investigations.

g. Engage Ministries with responsibility for education, to include integrity and anti-corruption principles into their national curricula;

h. Seek external support and funding for the establishment of a Secretariat and employment of an Administrative Secretary for the CCAICACB;

i. Publicise activities undertaken by the Integrity Commissions and Anticorruption Bodies; and implement a feedback mechanism where the public can share on aspects of their work needing improvement; 

j. Lobby CARICOM, other regional and international organizations to collaborate with the CCAICACB in anti-corruption efforts, integrity and capacity building;

k. Encourage Governments to enact and/or implement whistle-blower legislation with the aim of protecting those who report corrupt practices; 

l. Build awareness and community involvement in the fight against corruption through innovative and effective public education and sensitisation campaigns in the Caribbean; and

m. Encourage Caribbean Anti-Corruption stakeholders to explore and leverage the use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence in the fight against Corruption.

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