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Basseterre: St. Kitts, Tuesday, August 31st , 2021: Addressing the teachers at the 2021-2022 Opening Ceremony for the commencement of the school year, held August 30th , 2021 at the
Antioch Baptist Church, Keynote speaker, Mr. Kris Liburd, Esquire (Esq.), applauded teachers for their continued dedication to educating the Federation’s children amidst the challenges brought about by the current pandemic.

“I wish to shine the spotlight on our teachers, the unsung heroes of this pandemic. Despite the obvious challenges, our teachers chose to put country above self when our students needed them the most. While many schools closed their physical doors, our teachers did not gamble with the future of our students. They refused to put education on the back burner.” Mr. Liburd noted that while many sectors stood still, and other businesses temporarily paused their activities, teachers continued working.

“Unlike the banks that graciously offered moratoriums to their customers, our teachers could not afford to give our students a moratorium on learning. In record time, our teachers transported their classrooms from the traditional campus setting to office corners, verandahs, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms all across the nation. Our teachers kept the wheels of education turning in the face of adversity. Our teachers clearly understood the assignment”, he said. Esq. Liburd charged teachers to continue to challenge themselves, from changing their perceptions, to engage in constant self-evaluation, work collaboratively with their colleagues and most importantly to engage in self-investment endeavors to ensure that the knowledge imparted and teaching styles employed are relevant, effective and relatable.

“As teachers, you must never leave room for complacency. Your approach to teaching must be renewed every single day. I encourage you to evaluate your current teaching methods and develop creative strategies to meet the growing needs of your students. I encourage you to see your colleagues as team-mates and not your competition. As teachers, you share the common goal of developing well-rounded individuals. I encourage you to invest in yourselves. In your spare time seek opportunities to enhance your skills and learn about new developments in your respective fields. Your service must always remain relevant to current times,” advised Lawyer Liburd.

Reminiscing on the words of historian Henry B Adams, Esq. Liburd reminded teachers they affect eternity, as no one can tell where the influence of a teacher ends.

“As teachers, your contribution to nation building is second to none. Preachers, police officers, doctors, lawyers and engineers were all influenced in some way by the actions and interactions of their teachers.

Teachers you play a very critical role in
safeguarding our country’s future and preserving the hopes and dreams of our students,” he said.

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