Strict protocols enforced for packages delivered to individuals in quarantine

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By: Tito Chapman

To stamp out illegal items being smuggled into quarantine sites, strict protocols are being enforced for package deliveries to persons while they are in quarantine.

At Saturday’s COVID-19 briefing, Abdias Samuel, Chairman of the National COVID-19 Task Force, said that all items must be securely packaged and properly labelled. According to Samuel, the label must include the name of the person it is intended for and the room number. Items entering the quarantine facility must be thoroughly inspected by the security officers on site.

To prevent the importation of any type of contraband, Samuels said:

The officers are asked to check all bags and containers or packages that are brought to the quarantine site.

The chairman indicated that some individuals are very confrontational with the authorities when they request to inspect a package.

We have seen where persons are actually getting aggressive. They are verbally insulting our quarantine officers when the officer simply asks to open the bag to see what’s inside so that no contraband goes into the quarantine site.

He appealed for “all to cooperate” with the officers and comply with the safety protocols.

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