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Statement By: Dr. Denzil Douglas

Wednesday February 20, 2019. Today’s ruling has been handed down resoundingly in my favour. His Lordship Justice Trevor Ward Q.C. has ruled specifically that a diplomatic passport issued to me by the Government of Dominica as professional courtesy does not in any way offend the constitution of St. Kitts and Nevis. I feel a deep sense of vindication upon the judgment of the Court.

I would like to thank my legal team, Mr. Anthony Sylvester, Mrs. Agelina Sookoo-Bobb, Anthony Astaphan SC and Delano Bart QC for their excellent representation. I would also like to thank all who have lent their support and advice throughout these proceedings, most especially my dear constituents of St. Christopher 6 who never waivered in their confidence in me. I thank my fellow citizens for your support and for your solidarity.

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I consider today’s victory, not just a victory for me as the respondent in the case, but also a victory for all of us because of the far-reaching implications that this case has for democracy and good governance in our Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. His Lordship in his ruling has acknowledged that the holding of a diplomatic passport does not call into question my loyalty or allegiance to my beloved country and the people whom I represent. My loyalty to my country has always been paramount when taking decisions that would allow me to best execute my duties in my capacity as leader of her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and as four-term former Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis.

I have always maintained that the failure of the Harris Administration to grant me the courtesies befitting my rank and role has been purely an act of political harassment in pursuit of Dr. Timothy Harris’ personal vendetta. This case was intended as a distraction and as a scurrilous attempt to malign and injure my good character and reputation. This is in keeping with other similar actions that Dr. Harris has taken with regard to other law-abiding citizens who dare to oppose him or whom he considers to be a political threat. This is an obscene abuse of the Court and today’s victory sends a resounding message that while Dr. Harris may not hold the high Office of the Prime Minister to any standard, that justice, democracy and international standards will prevail.

Now that I have emerged triumphant, I look forward to my next encounter with Dr. Harris and his coalition administration – that will be at the upcoming general elections.

May truth, democracy and justice prevail in that arena as well!

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