St. Kitts Celebrates the Inaugural Cruise Call of Carnival Venezia, Marking a Momentous Day Filled with Excitement and Promise

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Basseterre, St. Kitts (08 March 2024) – Today, the beautiful island of St. Kitts joyfully welcomed the magnificent Carnival Venezia for its highly anticipated inaugural cruise call. The arrival of this vessel symbolizes the continued expansion of the destination’s cruise industry and strengthens the bond between St. Kitts and Carnival Cruise Line.

The much-awaited inaugural cruise call of Carnival Venezia has created an air of excitement and anticipation. The destination, known for its stunning landscapes and warm hospitality, rolled out the red carpet to warmly receive visitors from all corners of the globe, providing them with an unforgettable experience of pure Kittitian bliss.

Hon. Marsha T. Henderson, Minister of Tourism, shared her enthusiasm about this momentous occasion, stating, “We are absolutely thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the Carnival Venezia on this historic day in St. Kitts. This inaugural cruise call represents the strengthening of our partnership with the Carnival Cruise Line, and it underscores our commitment to providing exceptional experiences for our valued visitors.”

Carnival Venezia, an extraordinary vessel of adventure and luxury, is a true marvel of modern engineering. Spanning 1061 feet in length, she towers over the seas with her impressive 14 decks offering an array of amenities and entertainment options for her passengers. With a capacity to accommodate over 4090 passengers, the Carnival Venezia promises a remarkable vacation experience like no other.

“The Carnival Veniza exudes a perfect blend of adventure and luxury, making it an exceptional vessel for travelers seeking an unforgettable vacation experience,” shared CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Ellison “Tommy” Thompson. With its impressive size, extensive onboard amenities, and dedicated crew, the Carnival Veniza offers a remarkable journey that will leave passengers in awe. This exciting partnership with Carnival Cruise Line is an important step toward establishing St. Kitts as a premier destination in the Caribbean.”

Passengers stepping ashore will have a wealth of activities and attractions to explore during their time in St. Kitts. From idyllic sun-soaked beaches perfect for relaxation to vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life for snorkeling enthusiasts, St. Kitts presents a myriad of opportunities for outdoor adventures and endless tranquility. For history buffs, the historic capital, Basseterre, with its charming colonial architecture and fascinating landmarks, offers a glimpse into the destination’s rich past.

Deputy CEO of the Authority, Melnecia Marshall also added that “as we venture into deeper and more enriching tour experiences, the arrival of the Carnival Veniza signifies a promising evolution in showcasing the true essence of St. Kitts. Our commitment to providing quality tours that allow visitors to connect with our island’s natural and cultural wonders is paramount to our tourism industry’s success.”

As Carnival Venezia graces the shores of St. Kitts on this inaugural cruise call, the island’s residents and tourism industry come together to provide a memorable and exclusive St. Kitts.


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