Saint Lucia Aquatics Federation Celebrates Saint Lucia Independence in Grand Style

Saint Lucia Aquatics Federation Celebrates Saint Lucia Independence in Grand Style

March 23rd, 2022

This past weekend March 19th and 20th, Saint Lucia Aquatics Federation celebrated Saint Lucia Independence with the hosting of a two-day swim meet at the Rodney Heights Aquatic Center.

The celebration commenced with an opening ceremony introducing 116 swimmers from four clubs, including Southern Flying Fish, Lightning Aquatics Swim Club, Sharks Swim Club St. Lucia, and Sea Jays Swim Club.

The SLAFs Athletes Commission was formally introduced. The commission consists of the following individuals namely Mikaili Charlemage – President, Jayhan Odlum-Smith – Vice President, Tristan Dorville – Deputy Vice President, Caitlin Polius – Public Relations Officer, Naekeisha Louis – Secretary and its members – Abbie Pultie, Benedict Edumund, Anyka Holder, Naima Hazell, Yannick Layne and Katelin Samuel.

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The Carifta team was also presented, as they made their entrance on deck. Present was Naekeisha Louis, Naima Hazell, D’Andre Blanchard, Karic Charles, Tristan Dorville and Ethan Hazell. Fayth Jeffery currently trains in Barbados.

Proceeding the declaration of the meets’ opening through the Carifta team captains, Naekeisha Louis and D’ Andre Blanchard, the meet was well on its way with the injection of fast swimming and remarkable support from family.

At the end of it all, the results surfaced.
The combined scores were as follows;
4th Southern Flying Fish 227 Points; 3rd Lightning Aquatics 836 Points; 2nd Sharks Swim Club St Lucia 862 Points; 1st Sea Jays Swim Club 1090 Points.

Individual Scores
Girls 8 and Under
3rd Gia Arthurs, Sharks Swim Club, 34 Points; 2nd Najmah Eqra Melchoir, Southern Flying Fish, 38 Points; 1st Sapphire Parks, Sea Jays Swim Club, 72 Points.

Boys 8 and Under
3rd Daniel Du Boulay, Sharks Swim Club, 16 Points; 2nd Miles Andrew, Sea Jays Swim Club, 27 Points; 1st Jordan Daniel, Lightning Swim Club, 27 Points.

Girls 9 – 10
3rd Jordyn Bishamber, Sharks Swim Club, 33 Points; 2nd Amara Reece, Lightning Aquatics Swim Club, 52 Points; 1st Zaina Brathwaite, Sharks Swim Club, 53 Points.

Boys 9 – 10
3rd Caden Calderon, Sharks Swim Club, 36 Points; 2nd Maxime Larrieu, Seajays Swim Club, 49 Points; 1st James Sylvester, Seajays Swim Club, 72 Points.

Girls 11 -12
3rd Kaitlyn Holder, Southern Flying Fish, 42 Points; 2nd Davyier Ferdinand, Southern Flying Fish, 48 Points; 1st Kayla Marise Inglis, Sharks Swim Club, 71 Points.

Boys 11 -12
3rd Amani George, Sea Jays Swim Club, 26 Points; 2nd Aaron Charles, Lightning Aquatics Swim Club, 76 Points; 1st Noah Dorville, Sea Jays Swim Club, 82 Points.

Girls 13 – 14
3rd Damari Maxwell, Sea Jays Swim Club, 55 Points; 2nd Alexandra Bristol, Lightning Aquatics, 60 Points; 1st Mya Brathwaite Sharks Swim Club St. Lucia 61 Points.

Boys 13 – 14
3rd Ethan Hazell, Lightning Swim Club, 43 Points; 2nd Karic Charles, Lightning Aquatics Swim Club, 63 Points; 1st Tristan Dorville, Sea Jays Swim Club, 90 Points.

Girls 15 and Over
3rd Caitlin Polius, Sea Jays Swim Club, 54 Points; 2nd Naima Hazell, Lightning Aquatics Swim Club, 68 Points; 1st Mikaili Charlemagne, Sharks Swim Club, 81 Points.

Boys 15 and Over
3rd Liam Emmanuel, Lightning Aquatics Swim Club, 39 Points; 2nd Jeannot Walters, Sea Jays Swim Club, 51 Points; 1st D’Andre Blanchard, Sea Jays Swim Club, 81 Points.

17 Age group Records were broken at the Independence Meet. Naima Hazell smashed the 50m SC Breaststroke time. Mikaili Charlemagne annihilating 7 old records and set all new times in the 50 meter SC Freestyle, 100 meter SC Freestyle, 200 meter SC Freestyle, 50 meter SC Backstroke, 100 meter SC Backstroke and 100meter SC butterfly. Tristan Dorville crushed 5 age group records in the 50 meter SC Backstroke, 100 meter SC Backstroke, 100 meter SC Breaststroke, 50 meter SC butterfly and the 200 meter SC IM.

Lightning Aquatics Swim Club Relay Team comprising of Naima Hazell, Naekeisha Louis, Meeka Oliviere and Courtney Paul terminated 2 previous records set in the 15 and over, 200 meter SC freestyle Relay and 200 meter SC Medley Relay and placed their team on the board with new records. Sea Jays Swim Club 10 and Under Relay Team Nathan Lewis, Maxime Larrieu, James Sylvester and Andrew Miles, did just the same in the 200 meter SC Freestyle Relay, killing the previous record set and joined in on the record breaking.

SLAF congratulates the Seajays Swim Club on their overall win and all the clubs and their swimmers on their achievements.
SLAF also thanks the Officials, who came on board to assist, its timers and fund-raising volunteers.

The Federation is appreciative of the support received from the Ministry of Youth Development & Sports, JA Foods, St. Lucia Cold Storage, Real Foods, Baron Foods Ltd, Flow St. Lucia, Blue Waters St. Lucia Ltd, Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd, Alwin Manufacturers Ltd, Tolyn Manufacturers Ltd, Wavemaker and The Rodney Heights Aquatic Center. Without the sponsors the staging of the SLAF Independence meet would not have been possible.


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