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Castries, Saint Lucia – Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre initiated discussions with Venezuelan officials following a successful bilateral state visit to Venezuela on October 6, 2023. This historic meeting, attended by high-level officials from Saint Lucia and Venezuela, underscores the significance of this renewed partnership, marking the beginning of a promising alliance to enhance cooperation between the two nations.

Key Agreements Reached:

A significant agreement affirmed both nations’ commitment to respecting the sovereignty of other countries. This joint declaration emphasizes non-interference in countries’ internal affairs and promotes the Caribbean as a zone of peace. Additionally, an air services agreement was formalized.

Road Infrastructure Advancement:

Prime Minister Pierre has secured a ground-breaking agreement with Venezuela to supply bitumen and asphalt to Saint Lucia. This collaboration will substantially reduce road construction and maintenance costs, benefiting infrastructure development and local contractors. Further discussions with Venezuelan authorities will be led by the Senior Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development, and Urban Renewal, Hon. Stephenson King.

Agricultural Support:

Venezuela has generously committed to providing Saint Lucia with urea fertilizer, a vital resource for supporting the agricultural sector. This contribution will enhance food production and sustainability. Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Alfred Prosper, will explore additional opportunities in the agricultural sector during his upcoming visit to Venezuela.

Upcoming Discussions:

Prime Minister Pierre and his Venezuelan counterparts have outlined a roadmap for future discussions. In the coming weeks, meetings will explore collaborative opportunities in housing, infrastructure, energy, and more. These discussions aim to solidify further contributions from Venezuela that will benefit both nations.

This marks a significant step forward in Saint Lucia’s strategic partnerships, demonstrating the commitment of both nations to mutual growth and cooperation.


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