People’s Labour Party Deputy Leader Resigns

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Former People’s Labour Party candidate for Constituency #3 and Party Deputy Leader, Akilah Byron Nisbett has resigned from the PLP.

Byron-Nisbett made the announcement in a letter to Chairman of the People’s Labour Party, Warren Thompson. She also made a video statement via her Facebook handle on Friday, giving her reasons for the decision.

She said…..

“After the elections, I did some soul-searching to determine the best path forward. What I did realize is that the party and leadership I once believed in had strayed away from its core principles, which no longer aligned with mine.”

“If one wants to keep moving forward and upward, one will eventually have to let go of the load that is tying one’s feet to the ground and hindering progress. I, therefore, must state here that I have made the decision to step away from the umbrella of the Peoples Labour Party with Dr. Timothy Harris as Leader.”

Byron-Nisbett stated that she will continue to advocate and fight for the betterment of the people of constituency #3 and the country as a whole.

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