Apple iOS 16.4: New Emojis List

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By: Tito Chapman (Content Creator)

In iOS 16.4, new emojis added with Unicode 15.0 are included and I am presently using them.

There are 21 new symbols – 31 if you include the differences in skin tone – are the first new emoji characters in more than a year, and feature hearts, animals, food, and other images.

Here’s the full list of new emojis:

  • Heart: Blue, pink, gray
  • Smiley: Shaking face
  • Gesture: Rightwards and leftwards pushing hand with 5 skin tones each
  • Animals: Donkey, moose, goose, wing, jellyfish
  • Nature: Hyacinth, pea pod, ginger
  • Items: Folding hand fan, hair pick, flute, maracas
  • Symbols: Khanda, wireless
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