NIA Film Industry continues to offer employment opportunities to Nevisians

NIA Film Industry continues to offer employment opportunities to Nevisians

Photo caption: MSR Media casting call poster for employment opportunities for its upcoming film “The Island” to be produced on Nevis
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NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (JULY 08, 2022) – The film industry created by the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) continues to offer employment opportunities for Nevisians as MSR Media issues a casting call for roles in its seventh movie to be filmed on the island.

MSR Media, a boutique film and television production company based in the UK, partnered with the NIA in December 2020 to produce films on Nevis, some of which have since been released internationally via major streaming platforms.

Premier Hon. Mark Brantley, NIA Minister with responsibility for the Film Industry, is pleased that the partnership with MSR Media continues to bring economic benefit to the island and people of Nevis as well as St. Kitts.

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“As one of my government’s responses to COVID-19, we forged a partnership with MSR Media which has borne spectacular fruit and seen the foundation for a movie industry created here in Nevis. This represents the seventh feature film being done here by MSR and once again Nevisians and Kittitians are being offered work in front and behind the camera.

Photo caption: (l-r) Premier of Nevis Hon. Mark Brantley with MSR producer Mr. Philippe Martinez on location at the picturesque Botanical Gardens, during the filming of the company’s fifth movie on Nevis in March 2022

“We engaged with MSR Media in December 2020 and they decided to take a chance on Nevis, because of course Nevis had no history of a movie business, and we decided to take a chance on them. MSR moved its operation to the island of Nevis [in January 2021] and started to make movies here. Many thought it could not happen, but through innovation and leadership that was thinking, it materialized and is blossoming,” he said.

Since establishing a base on Nevis, MSR Media has employed more than a dozen locals full time, training them in the administrative and technical areas of the film production field.

MSR Media wrapped filming of “Father Christmas Is Back” starring Kelsey Grammar and Elizabeth Hurley in May 2022, and plans to begin producing “The Island”, its first “pure action” film, in the coming weeks.

Photo caption: Several Nevisians employed full time as crew members with MSR Media

The company is seeking to hire persons to fill more than 12 speaking roles that pay US $300 per day. The casting call also includes featured supporting artiste roles that pay US$150 per day.

According to MSR Media, “We are seeking diverse talent to join our community of talented actors. All ages, genders and ethnicities are welcomed and encouraged to apply.”

Interested persons can find casting details, register for MSR Media’s casting database, and apply to audition for ‘The Island’ at… The first round applications will be accepted until July 10.

Premier Brantley thanked MSR Media and producer Mr. Philippe Martinez for their solid partnership, adding that he looks forward to “expanding our collaboration well into the future”.


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