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Speaker of the National Assembly, the Honourable Lanien Blanchette, will preside over her first official sitting of parliament on Thursday, October 27, 2022, when MPs convene to debate three Bills.

Honourable Blanchette was sworn in as Speaker during the Ceremonial Opening of the New Parliament Session one day ago (October 25, 2022). She reflected on the milestone achievement during an interview after the ceremonial sitting

“It is an honour to be elected to the position of Speaker of this Honourable House,” she said, expressing hopes that her appointment will serve as motivation to younger females. “I have always been an advocate for the young professional, in particular the young professional woman, and to be given this opportunity to serve at such a high level is in my opinion an inspiration for other young women who are thinking they may not be able to reach such heights.”

The Honourable Speaker added, “I intend to inspire, and I intend to do my best in this role so that other young professional women may have an opportunity after me to occupy such a place.”

Clerk of the National Assembly Trevlyn Stapleton and former Speaker Curtis Martin received high praise from the Honourable Blanchette for assisting her preparation for this enormous responsibility. There was a lot of reading and many conversations relating to the rules of the House, standing orders, protocols and procedures that had to be learnt.

Speaker Blanchette said that she is ready for the job and will function in keeping with the rules of the Federal Parliament.

“I intend to be firm. I intend to be fair. I intend to be impartial, honest and respectful at all times and to everyone,” the Speaker expressed.

The parliament comprises nine (9) MPs sitting on the Government side and six MPs on the Opposition benches. The Leader of Government Business is the Honourable Konris Maynard. The Honourable Mark Brantley will serve as the Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, and the Honourable Senator Latoya Jones as Deputy Speaker.

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