Music Lovers and Nevisians Saddened By The Sudden Passing of Dale ‘Bargo’ Parry

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Rest In Peace Dale ‘Bargo’ Parry

Written By: Trevor Chapman

I was awakened this morning to learn of the sad news which revealed that Bargo had passed away. It’s my understanding that he fell ill while performing with the Nevis Community Development Steel Orchestra which participated in the First Federal Credit Union Panorama Competition during Sugar Mas 52.

Dale aka Bargo was a percussionist who was truly committed to the art form, that evidence became obvious from the emergence of the International Circle Combo in the mid 1970’s which later became IC’S Brass of which he played the Congas with passion, enthusiasm and provided positive vibes to the rhythm section and the entire band at all times.

On behalf of the IC’S Brass family; Bobo, Conrad Prince Perry, Nathaniel Kas Smith, Don ‘Tampi’ Thompson, Masefield Nisbett, Conrad ‘Yamhead‘ Bartlette, Llwellyn ’Ossie’ Claxton, St. Clair ’Trickys Joe’ Taylor, Everette Curtis Sargeant, Clive ‘Eyes’ Tyson, Steve ‘Rabbit’ Browne, Laughton Sargeant, Kenneth ‘Hardy’ Clarke, Oldaine ‘Fisher’ Claxton, Errol Williams, Franklyn ‘Joe-House’ Archibald, Tony Nisbett and yours truly, Trevor Chapman, extend our condolences to the family of Dale ‘Bargo’ Parry.

May his soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

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