Motion of No Confidence Filed

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Leader of the People’s Action Movement, the Hon. Shawn Richards during a press briefing informed the nation that a Motion of No Confidence has been filed by the People’s Action Movement and the Concerned Citizens Movement.

On Monday, April 25, 2022, the majority of members of the Team Unity Government formally lodged with the Clerk of Parliament a Motion of No Confidence in the leadership of the Prime Minister, Dr. Timothy Harris. We expect that in keeping with the rules of Parliament that the motion will be placed on the order paper for an urgent sitting and that a sitting of parliament to hear the motion will be scheduled at the earliest possibility. Indeed we have been advised that this should be done within 21 days,

Hon. Shawn Richards.

This action comes after weeks of meetings and public disagreements by the Team Unity administration, (PAM, CCM, PLP).

Now that the Motion of No Confidence is filed, the Speaker of the National Assembly is required to schedule a sitting of parliament within 21 days for the motion to be debated.

Once the motion is debated and passed, the Prime Minister may resign in three days or advise the Governor-General to dissolve the parliament.

Once parliament is dissolved, the Prime Minister has the power to call an election in 90 days. 

The Prime Minister can dissolve Parliament prior to a scheduled sitting of Parliament to debate the motion.

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