Ministry of Sports condemns misinformation about cricket pitch compromise

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The Ministry of Sport categorically denies the baseless claims circulating regarding the alleged negligence of the Ministry of Sport’s staff leading to the abandonment of the cricket match between Guyana Harpy Eagles and Trinidad and Tobago Red Force at the Conaree Cricket Center.

The Ministry of Sport is committed to ensuring the smooth and fair conduct of sporting events, and any insinuations of negligence on our part are entirely unfounded. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to provide a conducive environment for athletes and teams, prioritizing the safety and integrity of the game.

The St. Kitts Cricket Association (SKCA) is currently hosting the 2024 Cricket West Indies (CWI) Senior Men’s Cricket Championships supported by the Ministry of Sport. These matches are being held at Warner Park Cricket Stadium and the Conaree Cricket Center. The four-days of cricket matches feature regional franchises, namely Guyana Harpy Eagles, Trinidad and Tobago Red Force, West Indies Academy and host Leeward Islands Hurricanes. Round one of this prestigious competition commenced on Wednesday 7th February, 2024, with Leeward Island Hurricanes versus West Indies Academy at Warner Park and Guyana Harpy Eagles versus Trinidad and Tobago Red Force at the Conaree Cricket Center. Both matches commenced without any challenges.

Prior to the start of play of the two matches, the SKCA, match officials, teams and grounds’ staff were aware of the approaching rain system that was anticipated to last up to 24 hours. It was advised that the batting surfaces and bowlers’run-ups, at both venues, be secured to prevent any seepage. Both fields were covered adequately. On Thursday 8th, grounds’ staff arrived at 6 a.m., to inspect the facilities after considerable overnight rainfall.  The staff examined the covered areas and discovered that the Conaree Cricket Center covers were compromised. This resulted in the two (2) adjacent pitches next to the playing strip getting wet. After consultations with representatives of CWI and SKCA, the Ministry of Sport provided additional covers to the SKCA to completely cover the pitch and to prevent any further leaking.

Upon the arrival of the grounds’ staff on Friday morning (February 9th), animal footprints were seen in several areas of the playing surface and this exacerbated the seepage situation and further compromised the pitch and run-up area. After an investigation by the Ministry’s team, it was evident that the locking system at one of the gates was compromised. The Ministry of Sport swiftly responded to remedy all issues and shall continue to work with the CWI and support the SKCA to ensure that matches continue to meet international standards.

It is regrettable that such speculations have surfaced, potentially causing unwarranted concern among the cricketing community and the public. We urge individuals to refrain from spreading misinformation and to rely on accurate and verified sources for information.

The Ministry of Sport remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting and facilitating sports events, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere for athletes and fans alike. We appreciate the ongoing support of the sporting community and trust that the truth will prevail in this matter.


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