Micro Influencers Saves Time and Money

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By: Tito Chapman – Content Marketing Certified | Social Media Certified

Influencer marketing is not entirely a new trend but it is often misunderstood.

While Social Media Influencers have become a growing trend, business leaders and marketers ought to familiarise themselves with Micro Influencers since they seem to place more emphasis on ‘popular’ Influencers.

What is an Influencers Role?

Influencers main role is to build brand image. Content posted to social media handles whether as a video post, an image or a blog post makes it relatable. Thus, influencers promote brands: they endorse products, review products, sample products and build awareness, (health, political, environment, education campaigns ).

As prices for big-time influencers skyrocket, micro-influencers have also become quite popular: they are relatable, relatively smaller and very approachable.

Those people that have fewer followers but have a dedicated audience are referred to as Micro Influencers.

Micro Influencers are the key component in ensuring your business save time and money.

Why Micro Influencers – Reach – Relevance – Trust!

Having Micro Influencers eliminates the task of searching tirelessly for top influencers which also reduces cost. They will be available to meet, have time to build strategy and make necessary adjustments.

Utilising customers, workers, family members and friends to reach a small target audience can be very effective.

Businesses that focus on specific categories such as food, health, entrepreneurship or music stand to benefit from influencers that have a built in audience for specific marketing campaigns.

This makes it much easier to coordinate a hashtag strategy and content material.

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