Leader of Nevis Reformation Party denounces Premier Brantley for ‘vicious’ allegations

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Charlestown, Nevis, October 03, 2023 (Nevis Reformation Party) — The Honourable Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge, Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), has refuted Hon. Mark Brantley’s assertions that she and other NRP members obtained funds from the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis to support their election campaign. 

“Let me be as pellucid as possible, neither the Nevis Reformation Party nor its leadership received funding from the Development Bank to finance the last election,” Dr. Daniel-Hodge said in her address to the nation on Monday (October 02, 2023) on 2020 Vision Radio.

She added: “These allegations put forth by the Premier represent nothing more than a vicious lie, a fable, plotted and meticulously calculated to achieve a single objective, that is to cast sinister allegations against the NRP in an attempt to ruin our reputation as honest men and women. I take this as a personal attack on my character as well for which I will not stand idly by and ignore.”

Dr. Daniel-Hodge said legal action will be taken against the Premier for his false and malicious allegations. 

“I will instruct my attorneys to take any and all steps to ensure that this narcissistic Premier is held accountable for his false accusations. I say to the Premier, today, enough is enough and this is where I draw the line…no Ms. Take it easy today!”

Dr. Daniel-Hodge’s address came after Brantley – Nevis’ Premier – “took to social media on October 1st, to lay false accusations” against her and the party that she leads.

Brantley’s comments, described as “a childish display of deception and dishonesty,” by Dr. Daniel-Hodge appeared to be in light of the 13th September 2023, report given by Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew “emanating from an investigation that he commissioned, into the financial affairs of the Development Bank, during the 7-years governance of the Team Unity Government.”

In that report, Prime Minister Drew “revealed that the findings of the report indicate that in excess of $20-Million dollars has gone missing.”

Dr. Daniel-Hodge, in her statement, said “these are grim findings, deserving of serious attention” but made it clear that she was totally against Premier Brantley’s attempt to implicate the NRP in that debacle.


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