2023 Pink Boss Production Super 4 Domino Tournament premieres in Old Road

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BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, October 4, 2023 (MMS-SKN) — Domino enthusiasts were on Sunday evening, October 1, treated to a new competitive, semi-professional, domino platform with the premiering of the 2023 Pink Boss Production Super Four Domino Tournament at Gejoe’s Chill Spot in Old Road.

Four teams, as the tournament’s name suggests, met for the inaugural meet. According to the Director of Pink Boss Production (sponsors of the competition), Mr Leighton ‘Pink Boss’ Keane, the teams qualified by virtue of their superb performance in this year’s Carib Brewery St. Kitts and Nevis Ltd Domino Tournament. 

Shaq ‘Modelcop’ Bassue-Benjamin shuts the game to give his team, Til-Ah-Marning Domino Club 13-10 win over Yard Boyz Domino Club. Among the spectators looking on is Minister of Sports et al, the Hon Samal Duggins (standing centre). 

At the end of the Carib Brewery Domino Tournament, Til Ah Marning Domino Tournament emerged the winners, followed in order by, Masters Domino Club, Yard Boyz Domino Club, and Pink Boss Production Domino Club. 

Mr Leighton ‘Pink Boss’ Keane, standing, watches as a member of the Pink Boss Production team, Conrad ‘Trophy’ Johnson, makes a move during their game against Masters Domino Club. Playing opposite him in his team is O’Niel Thomas.

“The idea of having this league is to ensure that we level the playing field in domino competitions,” said Mr Keane. “When big domino tournaments are held, some teams for reasons not of their making might not perform at their peak for one reason or the other, meaning that if they did not encounter that unexpected difficulty they would have performed differently.”

The promoter and sponsor of the Super Four Tournament stated that the league is not one where teams apply to play. Participation will be based on performance at regular domino leagues, saying that he is now focusing on two leagues, the Montraville Farms Domino Tournament, and the Carib Brewery St. Kitts and Nevis Ltd Domino Tournament. 

“You must be qualified, and being qualified means that you reach the top four,” said Mr Keane. “To be part of the Super Four you must reach the top four of the two tournaments initially, as we will include other leagues later. Our first tournament featured the top four teams from the Carib Brewery Tournament.” 

Order of play on Sunday saw the top team, Til Ah Marning facing the number three team Yard Boyz, while the other game saw second placed Masters facing the fourth placed Pink Boss Production. The two games were played simultaneously.

Among the spectators was the Area Parliamentary (St. Christopher Four) Representative, who is the Federal Minister of Sports et al, the Hon Samal Duggins, and also the sponsor of the Montraville Farms Domino Tournament. He was accompanied by his wife Mrs Ermelin Sebastian-Duggins.  

Receiving the award for pairing with his Master Domino Club colleague to reach 100 points before their opponents on the Pink Boss Production team could score a single point is Selmoth ‘Selly’ Rawlins, being presented by Karis ‘Baby’ Webster.

Competition was of high standard. Pink Boss won the first game, but Masters came back breathing fire by winning a game and as they were going for the second, they reached 100 points before Pink Boss could earn a single point, giving them a bonus game to lead 3-1.

Not daunted by that sudden rush by Masters, Pink Boss turned the tables and won eight games in a row before Masters could earn another game. At the end, Pink Boss won by 13-4.

The scoring of 100 points before the other team earned a point, earned Masters a prize. 

The second game was tight where Til Ah Marning had a 2-0 lead, Yard Boyz won two games to tie at 2-2. From there on, it was a seesaw that characterised the game, but the final score was 13-10 in favour of Til Ah Marning. 

The tournament continues on Sunday October 8, at 869 Entertainment Centre, Adlam Street, Basseterre, starting from 5:00 p.m. One game will feature the losers from Sunday, Masters versus Yard Boyz; while the other game will feature the winners from Sunday, Pink Boss Production versus Til-Ah-Marning.

According to Pink Boss, giveaways will be part of the tournament which will also include spectators. A number will be provided where spectators could send predicted scores and those who send the predicted scores before half-time break, the winner will get a cash prize of US$50 and a six-pack drink.

Other giveaways will be courtesy of Digicel, Flemming Production Casino, 869 Car Wash, and Pink Boss Production 


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