Instagram Makes Links in Stories Available to All Accounts

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By: Tito Chapman, (Content Marketing Certified)

Instagram has enabled the ability to add links to Stories for all user accounts. This is good news for Small Businesses and Creators considering when Story links were first revealed, they were only available for verified accounts or accounts with a certain number of followers.

Instagram says over the years it has seen that the ability to share links to stories is helpful, so it’s expanding access to everyone.

Here at SKN PULSE, we are very pleased with this new addition. Our followers can now access our content via our website by clicking the stories link.

Now that Links are available for sharing, Businesses can enjoy the freedom of adding links with no stipulation on account size. To add links to Stories, users can use the Link sticker.

So, when people click the sticker, they will be redirected. Click to find out how to add sticker.

The Link sticker which was implemented on October 27 isn’t the only change Instagram has made this month. Previously, Instagram announced that its desktop app was getting photo upload capability. Before adding the capability to upload content from the desktop app, all uploading had to be done from a mobile app. This change was implemented on October 21.

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