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Frances-Ann Prince of Cayon is the newest centenarian in St. Kitts and Nevis. 

On Tuesday (October 11, 2022), the family and friends of Ms. Prince were joined by many well-wishers who stopped by to celebrate the milestone. Students from the Cayon Preschool lustily sang the happy birthday song for Ms. Prince. Other visitors included students from the Cayon Primary School, nurses from the Cayon Health Center, representatives from the Green Valley Committee, officials from the Department of Community Development and Social Services, and the retired Deputy Director of Community Development and Social Services Mary Ann Wigley, who presented her with a personalized card.

Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, the Honourable Dr. Terrance Drew, a frequent visitor ofMs. Prince, said that he was excited to spend part of his day with the newest centenarian.

“It is a pleasure indeed for me to see her reach 100,” Prime Minister Drew stated as he commended the family and others who helped to care for Ms. Prince in her golden years. “Congratulations on your 100th, Ms. Prince. Good to see you, and I wish you, of course, health and happiness always.”

The prime minister placed a medal commemorating the special occasion around Ms. Prince’s neck. He also presented a bouquet of flowers as well as a fruit basket on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development and Ageing et al.

Ms. Prince was showered with words of love and appreciation from her children, grandchildren and other family members and friends. The Father of the St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Cayon, thanked God for His grace and mercy towards the faithful parishioner.

Ms. Prince was born on October 11, 1922. She gave birth to 15 children, two of which were stillborn. She cared deeply for each child and made many sacrifices during her time on a gang at Hermitage Estate. Six children are alive today. Three of them were present for her birthday celebration. Ms. Prince’s favourite song is “Never Grow Old.”

There are 11 centenarians in the twin-island Federation. Seven in St. Kitts and 4 in Nevis.

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