Effective Today, No Vending Will Be Permitted In and Around Charlestown

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In a letter dated and signed by Superintendent, Lydon David of the Nevis District on August 24th, vendors were given notice that effective the 27th of August, No Vending Will Be Permitted on the Streets of Charlestown.

Reinforcement of the Vending Ordinance has come into effect due to an increase in street vending in and around Charlestown.

The Superintendent’s letter outlined Section 3, (Chapter 8.01), 4 and 5 of the Vending Prohibition Ordinance.

Vendors are not allowed to be selling on the streets, sidewalks, Public Squares or at any Public places in Charlestown. Instead, they have to go to the Charlestown Market to sell their goods or any other area designated by the authorities.

If vendors act in contravention of the Ordinance, they will be committing an offence and may be liable on sumnary conviction to a fine not exceeding $1000.00 or to imprisonment not exceeding three months.

Please Find copy of letter issued to Vendors below:

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