Breaking News: Douglas Wins Dominica Diplomatic Case: Government Fails In Attempt to

Breaking News: Douglas Wins Dominica Diplomatic Case: Government Fails In Attempt to Unseat Veteran Politician

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Leader of the Opposition, the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas wins the Dominica Diplomatic Passport case brought by the Attorney General and fueled by the Unity team.

Their attempt to unseat Dr. Douglas as Parliamentary Representative for St. Christopher 6 failed when the judge QC Trevor Ward dismissed their case earlier today, (Wednesday 20th February).

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In synopsis, the court found that Dr. DOUGLAS’ actions showed no allegiance to Dominica. In addition, the Attorney General’s Case Law didn’t support the argument that was advanced. Cost was awarded to Dr. Douglas.

Douglas, who served the Federation of St.Kitts/Nevis in the capacity as Prime Minister from 1995 until 2015 and who also established an extremely viable CBI program and strong economy catapulted the Federation to be the envy of most of the Carribbean Countries.

Video Caption: Honourable Marcella Liburd Speaks on Douglas’ and Labour’s victory at the Court.

Labour supporters have voiced their displeasure over the fact that the Harris led Government didn’t see it fit to provide the longest serving Prime Minister with the privilege of a Diplomatic Passport; But had the nerve to challenge the legality of Douglas been provided such by the Government of Dominica while still being a Parliamentarian.

Douglas’ victory comes on the heels of an announcement on the Commission’s Report on Marijuana at a sitting of the National Assembly earlier this morning.

Parliament was adjourned at 12:30 (pm) as Speaker Perkins indicated that the decision could have implications on the make-up of parliament.

Excerpts of the Judgment:

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