Young Entrepreneur Partners With Ivor Walters Primary School: Commits To 5 year sponsorship of 5on5 Football O-RAMA

Young Entrepreneur Partners With Ivor Walters Primary School: Commits To 5 year sponsorship of 5on5 Football O-RAMA

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Photo Caption: Snap shots of teams that participated in the first annual IWPS 5on5 Football O-RAMA sponsored by Tito Chapman.

By: Staff Writer

“Football like other sports can forge social bonds and team-work.” Ideally, Mr. Tito Chapman believes that increased football activities for primary school aged children in the villages is a must.

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Be it that the Ivor Walters Primary School is in a central location to neighbouring villages, an in-house football competition idea was presented: – Tito Chapman

For the first annual IWPS 5on5 Football O-RAMA, the teams were: Brownhill, Cane Garden, Cherry Garden, Prospect and a Combined Team. He further stated, “the intention was to simply give youths, (boys) the opportunity:

– To represent their villages

– Work together to achieve a common goal

– Provide an opportunity for students to play the game even if they didn’t make the school team.”

According to Mr. Chapman, presenting the idea of the tournament came about after reflecting on a few children soccer games he would have attended in Canada in different areas such as Lachine, LaSalle and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. This combined with his experiences at the school in his younger years helped to shape the concept.

Mr. Chapman said, “the idea was shared with Mrs. Lowe, a personal friend and Guidance Counsellor at the school and she made everything a reality.”

Photo Caption: Sponsor Mr. Tito Chapman with the Principal, (Mrs. Whittaker Richards), PE Officers, (Mrs.Hendrickson, Mr. Fahie and Mr. Harvey) and Guidance Counsellor, (Mrs. Lowe)

Chapman said, “together with Mr. Fahie, Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Hendrickson, we brainstormed and came up with the 5on5 format. The Physical Education officers and the Computer teacher at the school were able to ensure the tournament was successful.”

The aim of the Football O-RAMA is essentially to build comradery amongst our youths: Through this, students should hone their leadership skills while building stronger bonds with fellow school mates.

Words Spoken By: Tito Chapman

At a prize giving ceremony on Friday 7th December, students were presented with participation certificates. The winning team, (Cherry Garden) was presented with a trophy which will be kept at the school.

In handing over the tokens, Mr. Chapman indicated his commitment to sponsor the event for the next four years and hopes that the school continues the initiative.

Sponsor, Mr. Tito Chapman is a 2017 YLAI Alumni and CEO of SKN PULSE MEDIA. He presented the following awards.

MVP – Jaheem Hazel
Top Striker – Jaheem Hazel
Most Goals – Leon Thompson Jr.
Best Defender – Ethan Woolward

Cherry Gardens won the first annual IWPS 5on5 Football O-RAMA. They beat Prospect 1-0. Leon Thomas Jr. scored the goal for the Cherry Garden Team.

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