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By: Tito Chapman, (Social Media Strategist – Content Creator)

In the Creative Industry, having a Website for clients to peruse is a must. Here at SKN PULSE when we were testing different platforms for viability, we chose WordPress.


For us at that time back in 2014, they seemed to be very popular. Today, WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder.

Powering over a third of all websites worldwide, it’s the top content management system (CMS).

Through their open-source software, users enjoy a flexible website platform that can be easily managed.

Offerings of thousands of themes and plugins even makes it more stunning. Customizing a site to your liking is more than possible with WordPress.

We enjoy using WordPress, because it makes work easier when on-the-go through the WordPress app.

Fact: WordPress is used every day by tech-savvy entrepreneurs alongside web designers, creatives and developers.

Here at SKN PULSE, we always recommend Word-Press managed sites to our clients with GODADDY as the website host.

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