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Basseterre: St. Kitts, Monday, May 23, 2022:​ The Verchilds High School (VHS) came alive with excitement on the afternoon of Friday, May 20th, when principal of the institution Mr. Meguel Thomas participated in several sprint events against selected athletes of the institution at the Samuel Williams Sporting Complex.

In an interview before the start of the race, an eager and energized Mr. Thomas stated,

“One of the things that I’ve learnt about track and field a long time ago is that a lot of the preparation outside of the physical is actually mental, so I’m really getting into my mental state. You would realize that are a number of students cheering on their counterparts, and I know the teachers are on my side but I am just trying to get into the right mental space to show these children what is what”.

Mr. Thomas gave a brief outline of the action packed afternoon

“What’s really going to happen is that there is going to be a 60 metre race against the females, and then we are going to have the 400 meter heat for the form 4 students, after which it will be the big showdown between Mr. Thomas and the males on the same 60 meter line. This is a grudge match, a grudge run against Darian Stevens in form 2, who claims that he can beat me,” expressed Mr. Thomas.

Darian Stevens, one of the challengers for the 60 meter race against Principal Thomas stated that he was ready and he didn’t think that the principal was prepared to beat him.

At the end of the first 60 meter race the principal emerged the winner against Tyhra Clarke of Red House.

Losing no momentum, Mr. Thomas congratulated Tyhra Clarke for an outstanding performance

“Let’s give it up for Tyhra! Let’s give it up for Tyhra! Tyhra is a real athlete. She is a challenge!”

As it relates to the “grudge run against the males” the principal lost all bragging rights as he was unable to successfully complete the race due to a tumble. Both Chesson Liburd and Danique Dasent of Green House ran away with the gold and silver respectively, while Darian Stevens secured the bronze for Blue House.

 Mr. Thomas gave a brief explanation

“The truth is I really didn’t react to the start as I wanted to, that’s one. I asked intentionally to be sandwiched between Chesson and Darian, but for some strange reason, I took my eyes off of Chesson and focused on Darian who and I were running side by side. Upon realizing that we were getting closer to the finish line I tried to put in an extra burst [of energy] but I lost my balance.”

Addressing the winner of the race, Mr. Thomas stated, “I don’t tell lies, the young man is fast! Chesson is fast!”

 The VHS sporting event is scheduled for Sunday, July 03, 2:30pm at the Samuel Williams Sporting Complex, Verchilds.

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