Trending: Kemoy Campbell Announces Retirement

Trending: Kemoy Campbell Announces Retirement

By: Sports Contributor

Jamaican Olympian, Kemoy Campbell has announced his retirement from track and field.

Back in Febraury months, he collapsed and almost lost his life on the track at the 2019 Melrose Games in New York. His revelation which came via Instagram on Thursday, was as a result of advice presumably from his doctor.

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In his emotional post, Campbell said:

It’s with a heavy heart, or half of one rather (that) I must say goodbye to the sport. I will no longer be competing. I have given my all to this sport. It has taken me to places I have never dreamt of going. I was told today that I shouldn’t compete again or this incident will happen again, but that will not stop me from supporting and helping this sport and my team any way I can.

Outlining his goals and accomplishments, Campbell said track and field gave him a lot.

It gave a shy boy from a rural area in Jamaica the opportunity to prove himself to the world. I believe I have done my part. I’ve represented myself, my family, my country proudly. I’ve represented @teamnbboston. I have represented and still represent @reebokboston tc proudly.

He aspired to be the first Jamaican to medal at the Olympics in a distance race but it won’t happen now. While his goals are thrown out the window, he said:

It’s time that I play another role in this sport.

So it’s farewell to competing. Thanks to everyone who came together to help get through this. Whether emotionally, physically, spiritually, or financially. I love you all. Don’t worry either, I still wear a big smile on my face.

Campbell, represented Jamaica in the 3000m at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. In his last meet, h

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