Top Student Athletes Presented With Trophies

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By: T. Chapman

Student Athletes who featured in the Gulf Insurance Interprimary Championships, received their trophies and medals on Wednesday 11 May at a presentation ceremony held at NEPAC.

Students who placed in the top three in races were presented with their medals, the top students in their respective age categories were presented with trophies and the Victor and Victrix Ludorum were named and honoured.

The medals and trophies were presented by Junior Minister with responsibility for Education, Hon Troy Liburd; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Kevin Barrett; Garfield Virgo; PEO Ms. Zahnela Claxton; and Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton.

Interprimary victor and victrix ludorum.

First cousins Kymani Newton (Grade Six) of the Charlestown Primary and Adira Wallace (Grade One) of the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School named Victor and Victrix Ludorum, respectively, of the 2022 Gulf Insurance Inter-Primary Schools Championship.


KG BOYS CPS – Cilan Parris

KG GIRLS SJPS -Akila Douglas

GR1 BOYS IWPS- J’marni Smithen

GR1 GIRLS JLPS- Adira Wallace

GR2 BOYS STPS- Izariel Webbe

GR 2 GIRLS IWPS- Levandre Hanley

GR3 BOYS JLPS- Kelron Liburd

GR3 GIRLS CPS- ChajNe Caines

GR3 GIRLS JLPS- Aliyah Clarke

GR4 BOYS MCP – Jahreem Doras

GR4 GIRLS CPS- Janiah Mc Neil

GR5 BOYS STPS – Delijah Clarke and Tayshawn Bolus

GR5 GIRLS VOJN – Kiara Hanley

GR6 BOYS CPS- Kymani Newton

GR6 GIRLS MCP – Zhanee Underwood

The presentation ceremony was chaired by Education Officer, Mrs. Tamecia Lestrade.

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