Thirty-seven candidates participate in the Prospective Teachers Course 2023 on Nevis

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NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (June 27, 2023)- More than 30 individuals are participating in the Nevis Ministry of Education’s Prospective Teachers Course 2023, which got underway on June 26 at the Jessups Community Centre.

At the opening ceremony, Hon. Troy Liburd, Minister of Education in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) underscored the important role teachers play in nation-building.

“Teachers have a remarkable role to play in our society. You are the ones who will be nurturing our children from a very young age. So from preschool all the way up to Sixth Form we are responsible for teaching and training the next generation and that is a big task. That is what you are auditioning to become a part of so I want everyone to take it seriously.

“The fact that you have applied and gone through the rigorous qualification process to be here, it means that you are at least serious about it. So I want to wish everyone a successful two weeks at the Prospective Teachers Course. For those of you who are successful, I want to encourage you to be the best teacher that you can be,” he said.

Against the back drop of the Course’s theme “Unlock the Teacher in You- Learn, Grow, Inspire”, Ms. Zanella Claxton, Principal Education Officer, shared some of the characteristics of a good teacher such as having patience, being enthusiastic and approachable, having strong communication skills, knowledge, a solid education, being disciplined and professional.

“The Prospective Teachers Course is one step towards realizing your goal of becoming a teacher. You are here today to start a two-week training and development course. During this time you will be exposed to information and a general overview of the teaching profession…I take this opportunity to welcome all of you as you continue this important journey; I wish all of you the very best.”

Ms. Shenella Joseph, Education Officer, chaired the ceremony. Mr. Kevin Barrett, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, several Education Officers and other staff from the Department of Education were also in attendance.

The Prospective Teachers Course is designed to build specific skills and methods that orient candidates to the fundamentals of the teaching profession. Over the two-week course the 37 participants will undergo practical teaching exercises, make VLOG presentations, and receive instruction in the delivery of good teacher education and development.


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