Things To Consider For Website Success

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By: Tito Chapman

In today’s business sphere, every business must have a website.


A website allows for your brand to gain recognition after creating and presenting said brand to the world.

To generate leads and ensure website success, you may consider some of the following points, which are in no particular order:

  • Select a short but dynamic domain name
  • Choose the right Content Management System
  • Make Mobile responsiveness top priority
  • Make sure the site is User-Friendly
  • Ensure it is easy to navigate
  • Make it Easy to follow: focus on site readability
  • Page Speed – The quicker the page loads, the better
  • Have a plan for SEO – Search Engine Optimization, (know your keywords, take care of your meta-tags etc)
  • Incorporate your logo and tag line: Make your brand identity stand out.
  • Integrate your social media handles
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you
  • Include call to action
  • Make security a priority – use https, (secured) instead of http, (not secured). Utilize plugins such as word fence to monitor login attempts etc.

Monitoring your website is of utmost importance.

A website should be updated regularly. To stay ahead of your competition, always check for plugin and theme updates.

Your site’s success is dependent on your commitment to being consistent with your website.

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