The United States Takes Immediate Action to Support the Eastern Caribbean Nations after Hurricane Beryl

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Today, Ambassador Roger Nyhus announced immediate U.S. humanitarian support for the communities impacted by Hurricane Beryl in Grenada and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This comes in response to a direct request for assistance from their governments.

Ambassador Nyhus released a declaration of humanitarian need within hours of Hurricane Beryl’s pass through the Eastern Caribbean, triggering the release of funding, administered by the Red Cross, to support those affected by the disaster in the two countries.

USAID has disaster experts on the ground, supporting damage assessments.  In anticipation of the hurricane’s landfall, the United States pre-positioned supplies in the region to ensure a swift response. These proactive measures have allowed for an expedited delivery of aid and support to those in need.

“The United States and Embassy Bridgetown stand in solidarity with the people of Grenada and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines during this challenging time,” said Ambassador Nyhus. “The United States is committed to providing the necessary support to help these communities recover and rebuild. These are our friends, neighbors, and partners.”


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