Support Taiwan’s participation in INTERPOL as an observer

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Michael Lin, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis

Globalization has facilitated cross-border flows of people, information, capital, goods. It has also helped the spread of the COVID-19, as well as transnational crimes. With transnational crimes becoming more and more adaptive and constantly evolving, as the world’s most important inter-governmental organization that facilitates police cooperation, INTERPOL bears the burden of tackling these challenges.

The jurisdiction of a sovereign country is confined in its borders, which contradicts the nature of transnational crimes. INTERPOL was thus established to help countries to overcome its limitations by connecting police, facilitating data-sharing and providing investigative support. In 1984, China applied for accession to INTERPOL with attached conditions that contravened the spirit of the INTERPOL Constitution. It took over Taiwan’s membership rights and status and has since excluded Taiwan from INTERPOL on political grounds. Although China succeeded in replacing Taiwan in INTERPOL, the fact remains that China is confined in its own borders and has no jurisdiction over any crime taking place in Taiwan. Excluding Taiwan from INTERPOL is equivalent to create a loophole for criminals to abuse.

Criminal investigations are often battles of brain and brawn and a race against time. Time waits for no one, and neither does crime. For police to be able to take timely action before suspects evade arrest and evidence is lost, cooperation among partner forces worldwide is essential. As part of this, the timely exchange of intelligence is key to combating transnational crimes. However, due to its exclusion from INTERPOL, Taiwan is only able to indirectly seek urgently needed intelligence through bilateral cooperation. Even if the information is obtained, it is often outdated. These regrettable circumstances often give more time for transnational crimes to grow, causing the world heavier losses. Despite the time and effort invested, investigations often yield no concrete results.

Taiwan’s police authorities remain determined to resolve law and order issues and minimize loss of life and property. Taiwan is committed to working with the rest of the world to fight transnational crimes. To ensure a seamless global security network, Taiwan urges its international friends and partners to take concrete action to support Taiwan’s participation in INTERPOL.

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