Star Athlete Kiara Hanley Graduates From VOJN

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Double sprint Interprimary Champion, Kiara Hanley, has graduated from the Violet O. Jeffers Nicholls Primary School with the distinction of being undefeated in the 100m and 200m respectively. Hanley closed her primary school chapter as the Grade 6 Class Champion, Victrix Ludorum and an upcoming Cricketer.

The school’s annual graduation was held on Friday 7 July, under the patronage of Nikeeva Elliott.

Kiara received multiple awards. One such award was the Sports Excellence Award from Oualie Sports Management.

Graduate Kiara Hanley, Star Athlete

Prior to the distribution of awards, Kiara’s athletic success was recognized by Featured Speaker, Lorna Hunkins. Hunkins, an avid track and field enthusiast called Kiara on stage and presented her with a token of appreciation for her athletic success.

Kiara dominated VOJN sports and Interprimary from Kindergarten to Grade 6. She won year after year and also broke and set records. This year, Kiara broke a 23 year old Interprimary record in the 200m. The record was previously held by Shakeemia Browne of the Charlestown Primary School. Hanley then went on to win the 100m to complete the sprint double.

In her final year at the school, she played for the cricket team that successfully won the 2023 edition of the Runako Morton Primary School Cricket Competition. 

Kiara Hanley, best bowler in the 5 for Fun Cricket Festival.

Kiara’s mother, Shineka Lescott, is very proud of Kiara’s achievements. According to Lescott, as a Student Athlete, Kiara has had her share of highs and lows but she continues to do her best.

Lescott believes that success at the Primary Level should not be solely based on test scores but by a student’s growth and consistency throughout the school term(s).

I think that with consistency, hard work, motivation and self discipline, Kiara can set her mind to achieve whatever she so desires.

Shineka Lescott

Kiara’s Mom gave the featured remarks on behalf of the parents and expressed thanks to the VOJN staff for all they have done.

She said:

Past & Present Principals, Teachers & auxiliary staff, we truly appreciate your hard work, the extra time taken to train our athletes, cricketers and footballers, the delicious meals our children received, the encouragement given and the genuine care rendered. A simple thanks can never be enough but just know our hearts are filled with gratitude. 

Shineka Lescott

Young Hanely in expressing gratitude said:

First and foremost, I extend thanks to the almighty for blessing me with such talent. Thanks to my parents for always believing in me and encouraging me to strive for excellence. Giving up is never an option for me because, If at first I don’t succeed, I will always try and try again.

To my family, your support is always appreciated. Thanks to my great and grand parents for the many prayers. To all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, classmates, schoolmates and the community on a whole, thank you. I truly appreciate each of you for showing up and giving me your support.

I also wish to express thanks to Principal Wilkin, all the teachers – past and present, Coach Dulani Phillip, Coach Shamyse Bartlette and Wendell ‘Micey’ Wallace, for always believing in me.

Additionally, I would also like to thank Mr Kurvin Wallace, Jeffery and the extended family of Over The Top Track Club, thanks for all your time, effort and encouragement.

To anyone I may have forgotten, it’s not intentional, however, thank you.

Kiara Hanley
A younger Kiara receiving her class champion trophy from Hon. Troy Liburd – The New Record Holder for the Grade 2 Girls -200m
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