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Shaheem Prentice was the star of Newtown Monday night, scoring two goals for Newtown United in the 2nd and 22ndminutes, to seal a 2-1 win over Sadlers United at home. Saddlers’ consolation goal was scored by Jarin Clarke in the 55th min. A very pleased Anthony “Nets” Isaac, Coach of Newtown, said the victory was a sign of his team’s resilience and always wanting to get a positive result. “We go from game to game. We get motivation from the game that we play because we come out on top and play very good football so we take from that game into every game that we go into,” Isaac said. He said he puts pressure on his players to play better every game and he is not focused on the teams ahead of Newtown in the points table. “I have to put pressure on them every time we come out to play, no matter where we are on the table or who we play or who we played against. The pressure is still on from me to them and they know that,” he said.

Saddlers Coach Samuel Phipps said he had to make changes in the first half as four of his first-team players showed up late for the match. “I had to do some reshuffling in the first half because it’s unbelievable—we had players who were in the starting team showing up late so, of course, I had to readjust the squad from what I wanted for this game,” Phipps said. He noted that after the change was made in the second half, they played much better. Saddlers has suffered four losses in their first five games, and are currently in the relegation zone. But Coach Phipps is not worried and believes they will make a big break in their next match. “I think that we will get a break…the team is not a bad team and I must commend the players for due diligence and working hard on the pitch,” he said.

With this victory, Newtown maintains their 3rd spot on the Premier League table. Old Road United Jets are in 2nd with 13 points and Cayon Rockets with 15 points in first place.


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