Second Form Geography Students Meet with Career Professionals

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Second Form Geography students from each high school met with local professionals whose careers are based on the subject of Geography

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, 6 October, 2022 – On Thursday 6 October, at least one hundred Second Form Geography students from each high school met with local professionals, whose careers are based on the subject of Geography. According to Acting Director of the Urban Development Unit, Rhon Boddie both public and private schools were targeted. 

He said, “The objective of the event is to offer Geography students an insight into possible professional careers in which Geography is essential, through presentations from professionals in the work environment.”

The students got first-hand accounts from professionals who work in Air Traffic Control, Planning Department, Statistics Department, an Airline Pilot, Boat Captain, Forecaster and an officer from the Urban Development Unit.

The hope is that with this awareness, the students, when selecting their subjects upon being promoted to Form three, would be encouraged to select Geography at the CXC-level.

Also at the half-day event, was the Minister with responsibility for Urban Development, Hon Dr Joyelle Clarke. She told the students, Geography is widely viewed as a difficult subject and questions may surface as to its importance.

She said, “Let’s make the link between Geography and everything else that happens in your life. Every possible subject, every possible career that you might want to pursue. It is perhaps one of the only subjects that crosses natural sciences and human sciences, with people at the center. Put all of that in a circle called the environment. That is Geography.”

Minister with responsibility for Urban Development Hon Dr Joyelle Clarke center along with Shez Dore Tyson left Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Mr Boddie right

She continued, “How many of you want to be marine biologists? You start with Geography because a significant part of Geography is about the ocean, our blue economy. How do you get into Archaeology? You start with Geography. How do you get into oil, natural gas and renewable energy? Geography and Geology, the study of rocks. How do you get into Sustainable Tourism? A huge part of tourism is Geography.”

Minister Clarke added that natural events like hurricanes affect commercial activity which then affects food security. She used the example of supermarkets currently having a low supply of fruits and vegetables owing to Hurricane Ian passing through Florida.

A solution to our local problem, Dr Clarke said, would be backyard farming.

“Do you see the circle with Geography? You see how it affects every part of your life? You’re not going to eat if you do not understand Geography.”

The half-day event was hosted by the Urban Development Unit as part of its week of activities that ends Friday 7 October with a Demonstration project in the Independence Square.


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