Safety Tips for the Shopping Season

Safety Tips for the Shopping Season

To improve your shopping experience, ensure your safety and to better secure your personal items, here are a few crime tips for you to bear in mind during the shopping season:

• Be extra vigilant when going to the ATM machine to withdraw money.

Observe your surroundings before you go inside and lock the door behind you when using the ATM. Criminals could be lurking in the area and waiting. Please do not leave your keys in your vehicle or the engine running while you have gone into the ATM.

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• Also, while shopping and conducting transactions, do not handle large sums of cash in public and also back check to make sure you have your debit and credit card after every use.

• Additionally, if you own a vehicle, do not leave items visible on the seat for criminals to see who might then break your vehicle in an attempt to steal your goods. Purses, bags and items you might have bought should be placed in the trunk of your vehicle if you have to leave them there.

• Further, when leaving your home, make sure that it is properly secured by locking the windows and doors. Please make sure that the dead bolt and knob lock on your entry and exit doors are locked to ensure maximum security;

• Finally, after purchasing goods such as televisions, Playstations and other electronic and large items, please do not readily put the empty boxes out in your garbage bins for would-be-criminals to see what you have just bought. Rather, keep the boxes in your home and then place them outside the day before garbage collection.

The general public is reminded that members of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force and other partner security agencies, will be out in their numbers to keep you safe. Please follow their instructions and guidance.

If you see something, say something. Crime is everyone’s business. Have a safe and happy shopping season.


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