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Through this medium, I hereby inform you that I will be proceeding on retirement on February 23, 2023.

I am incredibly proud to have been afforded the opportunity to lead this historic organization. 

The opportunity to retire from this noble organization, as its Commissioner, is an honour I will cherish forever. As I reflect, I think of the numerous people who have been helped by our organization, the numerous Kittitians and Nevisians we were privileged to serve. I take great pride in being afforded the opportunity to work with brave men and women who selflessly devoted their lives to serve their fellow human beings. It was indeed a privilege to witness, first-hand, the tremendous work that is being done every day, without fanfare and sometimes unnoticed.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every member of The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force for your tireless work and professionalism. A very profound expression of thanks to you for your invaluable support that was bestowed upon me during the four and a half years while I was Commissioner.

I will also like to acknowledge a very special group of persons who were particularly close to me and who devoted their time and talent to ensure that my career was a success. Homage must also be paid to the Initial Engagement Team who, during a period of national crisis, gladly devoted their time and talent in the crime fighting effort.  Your timely intervention was instrumental in returning St. Kitts and Nevis to the safe haven it is. I owe you a debt of gratitude. The nation is also indebted to you for your sterling contribution to the peace effort.

During my term as Commissioner, we were able to dramatically digitize the organization. We were also able to significantly expand the CCTV project. In addition, we were able to greatly improve the forensic lab. The improvement of our fleet is also quite conspicuous and Community Policing became the fulcrum of our organization. We were also able to dramatically reduce the number of crimes in general and the homicide rate was reduced by more than 60 percent.

Policing needs officers who are strong public figures who remain calm under pressure and who continue to adhere to the belief that the police and the community do, indeed have a shared responsibility and do not permit apathy or indifference to affect your performance.

I truly appreciate the support of the civilian staff, our various sister National Security Departments and indeed the entire Federation. It has been an honour to partner with such talented individuals. Our collective efforts have helped to make St. Christopher and Nevis a safer place to live, work, visit, play and do business. You have my deepest respect and admiration.

To the new Commissioner, please accept my congratulations and best wishes as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of the Office of the Commissioner. I wish the entire organization the best in the future and may you continue to ensure that St. Christopher and Nevis remain a place where peace, safety and stability abound.

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