PM Drew says There is a need for a Prime Minister’s Residence

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Prime Minister of St.Kitts and Nevis Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew says there is a need for an official residence for any sitting Prime Minister of St.Kitts and Nevis.

Speaking on Freedom FM’s Issues programme last week Wednesday, October 5, Dr. Drew referenced his experience at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Barbados and opined that the Prime Minister’s residence can host various activities which includes meetings with residents, potential investors and Government officials.

There is a need for a Prime Minister’s Residence, like there is one for the Governor General; because the Prime Minister’s Residence has multiple functions apart from where the Prime Minister lives. The Prime Minister, whoever he or she would be, [should] be properly secured; [that] is a state function as well.

Prime Minister Drew confirmed that he occupies an official space at Beacon Heights, which he stated comes at no cost to the Government.

At Beacon Heights where I am at as the Prime Minister, with the necessary security measures, people have to understand that- that belongs to the Government, so there’s no rent being paid. There’s no cost to the Government.

PM debunked talks suggesting that as Prime Minister, he built a security hut on his personal property using the Government’s money.

When you become the Prime Minister there are certain security measures that you have to put in place; so I built the hut at my home privately. I didn’t take any of the Government’s money. I have said I will not take the Government’s money and I have not taken the Government’s money.

Drew further stated…

So any type of upgrades or anything to be done, it will be done there, on the Government’s property, not on my property.

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