PM Drew advises that DJ Woody’s son will benefit from the Children’s Medical Fund

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Prime Minister and Minister of Health, the Hon Dr Terrance Drew, as he addressed participants of the Labour Day March on Monday May 6 at the Patsy Allers Field.

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, May 7, 2024 (MMS-SKN) — After the unfortunate news of the accident at sea in Nevis involving the son of DJ Woody hit the social media, Prime Minister and Minister of Health, Dr Terrance Drew, reached out to the father of the child assuring him of support through the Children’s Medical Fund.

“I just saw on the internet, a child who is ill in Nevis, and immediately I saw it, I called his father, who is DJ Woody,” announced Prime Minister Drew on Monday as he addressed participants at the end of the Labour Day March at the Patsy Allers Field in West Basseterre on Monday May 6, Labour Day.   

Circumstances are that the incident took place on Sunday May 5 at around 4 p.m. in Nevis at Pinney’s Beach, where members of the family of DJ Woody were having a quality time at the beach, when the son, identified as Kevon, decided to take a run and dive into the ocean.

According to social media reports, it is suggested that while diving into the water his head had hit either an object or the bottom of the sea, following which he sustained severe injuries and got unconscious for some time. When people around the beach noticed him, they ran for his rescue.  

“What we have put in place is a fund for children who need medical care,” Prime Minister Drew said. “We do not care whether the family can afford it, especially for families who cannot afford it, and that fund is available for that child as well. For all of our children we have access to healthcare, whether it is here or they have to travel overseas, because this is a caring Labour Government.”

Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party, Dr Janice Daniel Hodge (file picture).

This was collaborated by Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) Dr Janice Daniel- Hodge who in a Facebook post said that they have been following with great sadness, the developments surrounding the unfortunate accident with the son of DJ Woody, and had been in contact with the family and close associates and assured that as a party they would do all they could to assist the family.

“I have been in communication with the Honourable Prime Minister, and I want to thank him and applaud him publicly for moving so swiftly in assisting our brother,” said Dr Daniel-Hodge. “Thank you, Honourable Prime Minister.”

She added: “My fellow citizens and residents, it is such a warm feeling to see how so many of you who rushed to social media to assist a family during such a time. Let us continue to be our brother’s keeper and our sister’s shoulder. May God continue to look over us all in this great Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.” 

According to Prime Minister Drew, as he addressed Labour Day March participants at Patsy Allers Field, over thirty children have benefitted thus far in just one year since the Children’s Medical Fund was set up. 

The Honourable Prime Minister advised that in the one year, no child in St. Kitts between the age of one and five had died, which is a record, and new in the Caribbean. In terms of infant mortality he stated that it is the lowest the country has had in its history.

“Any child who is here the fund stands ready to support you, and that child (DJ Woody’s son) will also benefit if all things are put in place,” said the Prime Minister. “We don’t care if the child is from St. Kitts or Nevis. We don’t care if the child speaks Spanish, English or French, or whatever other language, we don’t care if the parent has the correct documentation in terms of the papers or not – as long as the child is here, that child will be taken care of by this beautiful Labour Government. We care about all of our children because each child is precious, and each life is precious for us.”


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