Pick 4 winners all around with the Caribbean Lottery

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Winnings! ‘Pick 4 Winner’ accepted her $8,666 cheque after winning the Caribbean Lottery’s Pick 4 game recently.

Basseterre, St. Kitts – November 6, 2020: Disguises on point and cheques in hand, three lucky Pick 4 players happily celebrated their recent wins totaling $45,982.00.

For ‘Pick 4 Winner’ her $8,666.00 win could not come at a better time. “I used to work for Marriott but I recently got terminated…the most money came when I definitely need it the most” she expressed. As with her previous win she purchased her winning ticket from D & B Innovations as she always has luck with the Retail Agent. She also stated: “A friend of mine called me saying he watched a ‘bad’ movie, and this was a number that kept reoccurring in the movie so he said I should play it. I’m shocked I won on it; I can’t believe up to now.”

Surprised Winnings! ‘Surprised Winner’ displays his $25,000 cheque after winning the Caribbean Lottery’s Pick 4 game recently.

As a first-time winner, ‘Surprised Winner’ was encouraged to keep playing due to the success of his friend numerous wins. “Honestly, I kept seeing the number 2202 everywhere. The license plate on the cars, the 24hr clock, it was obvious I decided to play it’ he opinioned. Also, as a regular patron of D & B Innovations “I normally play there because I work nearby” he indicated. “This $25,000.00 win is timely, because I would like to do renovations for my home and this will be handy.”

Big Winnings! The ‘Big Winner’ displays her $12,316 cheque after winning the Caribbean Lottery’s Pick 4 game recently.

On a winning streak since 2018 with wins totaling $57,154.00, the ‘Big Winner’ lived up to the name with her recent win of $12,316.  She shared that: “From the time the Caribbean Lottery opened, I begin playing until now.  For this win I played at Indo Caribe #1, because he does bring me luck.  Every day I buy number 7124, it’s my special number.  Ever since the Lottery began that’s my number.  This time I decided to bet extra on it around my birthday.”

Office Manager at the Caribbean Lottery, Sabina Harrinarain happily congratulated the winners “Our Pick 4 winners are enthusiastic players, who remain committed to the game.  We are assured that these big wins will continue into 2021.”

With the clearing of debts, home renovations and savings on the horizon for the respective winners, Pick 4 will definitely remain a favourite game for all, and they each advise “Try your luck. Keep playing Pick 4. You can’t want to win and not play.” 


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