Odisi’s ‘Dancing’ An Instant Hit

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Photo Caption: Some snaps from a few videos featured thus far

By: T. Chapman

Dancing by the Odisi Band featuring Kenny ‘Eazi’ Warner is creating waves.

Released on May 21st and inspired by youths of the Charlestown Primary School, Dancing has become one of the most trending songs for Culturama 45.

Since the release, the #wedancingchallenge has emerged.

Numerous videos are circulating on social media with children participating in the said challenge. The song has gained international and regional recognition with video participation from Florida, England and other regional Caribbean Islands.

Photo Caption: Odisi Band Album Cover, Man A Bawl featuring Band Members

The child friendly soca tune brings a welcome energetic vibe to the festival. With this track all revelers can expect a good clean jam with the Odisi Band.

Youths are very familiar with the moves from the popular show, Fortnite. “Dancing” offers an uptempo jumpy beat, instructing revelers to do dances, namely, Orange Justice, Dab, Shoot-Hype and Floss.

Kenny ‘Eazi’ Warner will be entering the Soca Monarch competition and ‘Dancing’ is his competition piece. The band will be submitting the ‘Dancing’ for Road March as well.

Click to view Video of Eazi performing at Charlestown Primary School May Fair

Click to listen ‘Dancing’ on YouTube.

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