Odisi Band Releases New Track for C50: ‘Road Wuk Up’

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By: T. Chapman, (Content Creator)

The Culturama vibes is in the air and Odisi Band has dropped a new track for Culturama 50, Road Wuk Up.

The new song was released on Real Entertainment Network with hosts Ira and Rhys and special guests were band members, Eazi, K.Warner, Daddi Spane and Jarwa. Odisi’s manager, Alicia, was also a guest on the show.

Road Wuk Up was written and performed by Kenny “Eazi” Warner, lead vocalist. The riddim was created by Hossien “Daddi Spane’ Ottley with musical accompaniment from Denny Phillip and Kenroy Warner, (Guitarists). Graphic work for the track was done by The Real Juicy Designs. 

To boost the song, the band has shared it with Dj’s, and Radio stations. Reels has also been created and shared via the band’s Facebook page for persons to familiarize themselves with the song. 

Prior to Road Wuk Up, the band released the Big Drum Mix in May of this year and has been pushing that across their platforms as well. 

Some of the band’s hits include Fallen Friends, Squeeze Dem Up, Sweetness, Man A Bawl, I Can Assure You, 869, Amory Polly and Memories. The band’s music can be found on YouTube and Apple Music.

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