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Cross Country Student Athletes at Monroe College were celebrated as their season ended earlier this month. Head Coach Lesleigh Hogg and Head Cross Country Coach and Associate Track and Field Coach Shirvon Greene organized the inaugural Senior Day to show appreciation and honour the contributions of Cross Country athletes.

At a brief ceremony held on May 14 at the Monroe Athletic Office located on Campus, the two Coaches and the Athletic Director gave brief statements and presented small tokens to athletes.

All Covid protocols were adhered to.

The coaches remarks…….

To this year’s sophomores who were unable to attend the reception I want you to know your contributions to the team were appreciated and you will always be part of us. The Mustang family only grows stronger.

L. Hogg

To those whose season was disrupted by Covid-19 even though your Monroe journey didn’t end the way we all wanted, we trust that these images are etched in our memories and the strength that you displayed in your year and a half will forever be part of Mustang lore. You have gone on and are already blazing a trail for others to follow. You are missed.

L. Hogg

On Behalf of the coaching staff I would like to express a heart felt thank you to each and everyone of you who have not only participated in this Outdoor Season but also represented this team & Institution with pride for the entire year. This season in particular was very challenging but Iike the great individuals and warriors you guys are you hang tough, overcame obstacles and enjoyed every bit of the success.

Coach Greene
Photo Collage of Student Athletes from Graduating Class of 2020 & 2021


I would like to say a big thank you for the two years you invested in our Team !! You will be greatly missed and never forgotten!! I wish each and everyone of you guys and ladies an abundance of success in your future endeavors whether its at your new school or in the work place. I am very confident that you guys will do great wherever you may end up. Just remember to stay focus and keep the Momentum going , Next stop GRADUATION! Well done! TO THE RETURNERS

To all continuing with us in the Fall of 21, We are very eager to have you back on board and we welcome your recommitment and are excited to continue the Journey

In closing we say Thank you to each and everyone of you

Athletic Director Mr.Luis Melendez was on hand as well and he congratulated and thanked the team for their contributions throughout the tough times. Ms.Sandy Rodriguez also gave congratulatory remarks.

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